planning for and incorporating technology into lessons
• Provides direct support to the classroom teacher coaching or
modeling for the utilization of technology tools and resources to
support instruction in the classroom
• Consults, collaborates, and co-teaches directly with teachers and works
with teachers and students for the purpose of modeling or demonstrating a
• Advises and assists teachers to determine what, when, where, and why
to integrate appropriate technology tools in the curriculum to
enhance teaching and learning
Understands the power of technology to engage students in thoughtful learning that prepares them for their future in our globally connected world. • Helps schools develop and implement short-term and long-term
learning goals into school improvement plans to support student
achievement objectives and proficiencies
Empowering teachers to be become independent technology users and their own rescue squad
• Designs and implements high-quality professional development

What a CTIP is not...
Not the lab teacher
Not the rescue squad
Not formal evaluators (not the tech police)
Not the school -ographer (videographer, photographer, etc.)