CTIP Discussion Around SIP Plans 8/12/2008

Notes from 8/12 meeting:
Main jobs: Facilitate project and curriculum teaching and learning with teachers through collaboration (how do we say this so it doesn't sound like we are DOING the project?), supports technology integration in general (collaborates/serves as conduit with WPC, Technology Troubleshooter, Technical Services staff, and administration)
  1. Collaborates with teachers on project design and lesson implementation and planning.
  2. Collaborate with PLCs towards implementing the FQL (may include Library Media Specialist, GRT, Framework advisor, and specials/elective teachers).
  3. Frequent meetings with Principal or Assistant Principal.
  4. Liaison between teachers and Schools of Ed outside the division--TIP placements, NTTI, UVA graduate student research
  5. Facilitate with/coordinate with the Web coordinator and Technology Troubleshooter.
  6. Coordinates with Technical Services staff.

CTIP support for implementation of School Net? What is our role--is it clerical or curricular or training?

Tension of many "hats" the CTIP wears and is perceived to be responsible for at their various schools.